Makerere University embarked on an ambitious project, with the support of external partners, to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) in all its functions as one of the critical elements of its strategic plan. Within the context of this plan, the vision of ICT is “University wide access to, and utilisation of Information and communication Technology to enhance the position of Makerere University as a centre of academic excellence and its contribution to the sustainable development of society.”

In recognition of the global scarcity of ICT expertise, and to contain escalating costs that would result from multiple hiring of such expertise, DICTS was set up as a central service unit to provide expert services and guidance to all academic and administrative units of the University.


  1. Policy support advocacy
  2. Secretariat and administrative arm of the Council ICT Committee
  3. Day to day ICT Policy and Master Plan interpretation for users
  4. Offering ICT awareness workshops to user units to facilitate understanding of the benefits of integrating ICT into all University function within the context of the ICT Policy and Master Plan.
  5. Recommending policy and policy objective adjustments to the ICT Steering Committee.


Samuel Paul Mugabi
Samuel Paul Mugabi

About the Director

Mr. Samuel Paul Mugabi is the Director ICT Support (DICTS). He holds a BSc. in Electronic Communications Technology from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India, and an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from the Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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ICT Master Plan Implementation

  1. Project formulation and sourcing of funds within the context of the ICT Master Plan
  2. Liaison with external development partners and ICT consultants
  3. Project planning and management support to the Project Committees set up for the various projects under the ICT Master Plan
  4. Offering ICT planning, design, procurement, installation and maintenance guidance and support to all user units. This applies to both software and hardware.

Management, Control and Maintenance of ICT Resources

Ownership, management, control and maintenance of the University’s common ICT resources. These include the backbone and all backbone points of presence as well as the Network Operations Centre (NOC) which incorporates email and Internet/intranet services.

Management, control and maintenance of ICT resources owned by the units responsible for the main systems and databases. This includes centrally located servers (for databases and software) for the Academic Records Information System, the Library Information System, the Finance Information System and the Human Resource Information system.
Development, implementation and monitoring of access policy, security policy, and service level agreements.
Web page design, posting and maintenance.

Makerere University ICT Policy (2016-2020) 

Knowledge Centre

Providing technology and application foresight for the University so that user units can leverage technology to maximum advantage while minimising the risks of obsolescence.
Internet Kiosks

DICTS administration is located at College of Engineering, Design and Technology Building - New Building, 3rd Floor : Tel: +256 41 4531437

The Network operations Center is on the ground floor of the College of Computing and Information Sciences Building.

For your ICT needs please contact the Helpdesk on telephone number +256 41 4531343 or Email: or Visit our website: