Mak Leads Climate Finance Training for MoFPED

Makerere has partnered with SOAS and WRI to launch the Resilience and Adaptation Mainstreaming Program (RAMP) to train MoFPED officials to navigate the complex landscape of climate finance.

Mak Researchers Explore Opportunities in Albertine Oil Fields

A team of environmental economists from 17th-20th July 2024 visited the Albertine oil fields to assess the gap between academic research and practical applications, focusing on the interaction between oil extraction activities and local communities, environmental management and sustainable development.

Makerere signs MoU with EACOP Ltd.

Makerere University on 16th July 2024 signed an MoU with EACOP Ltd. to create a platform for finalist and recently graduated students to undertake internships and industrial training.

Mak Financial Management System Launch is Timely

The launch of the Makerere University Financial Management System by Chairperson FPAIC-Mr. Bruce Kabaasa has been heralded a timely addition to our transformation into a digitally-driven research-led University.

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Workshop Agenda for the Higher Education Partnerships for Sub Saharan Africa 22/24 (HEPSSA 22/24)

New Building Boardroom - College of Engineering Design Art and Technology…

30 Jul

PhD Defence: Mr. Kaconco James

CEDAT Conference Hall, Makerere University.