Established in 1922 as a technical college, Makerere University was affiliated to the University of London until 1963 when it became one of the three constituent colleges of the University of East Africa. It became an independent University in 1970 by Act of Parliament. This status continued until 2001 when the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act was enacted.


Year of Establishment

University Estate

The University Estate is spread over three campuses. The 350 acre Main campus is located on Makerere Hill, 5 km from the city centre.

The 45 acre College of Health Sciences- CHS (Formerly Faculty of Medicine and School of Public Health) is located on Mulago Hill adjacent to the National Referral Hospital – 2 km from the Main Campus.

The Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo is located 17kms North of Kampala.

The University Estate also includes, a 350 acre Buyana Stock Farm – under the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and BioSecurity - CoVAB (Formerly Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) located 60kms along the Kampala -Masaka highway. Kasangati Health Centre- Linked to the School of Public Health - CHSMakerere University Biological Field Station under the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical SciencesCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - CAES (Formerly Institute of Environment and Natural Resource-MUIENR) and The Budongo Conservation Field Station under the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical SciencesCAES (Formerly Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation).

The University also has residential housing estates located in the outskirts of Kampala namely Kololo, Katalemwa, Makindye, Makerere North and Bwaise.



Academic Programmes

At the undergraduate level Makerere University has 145 programmes which include 11 (Eleven) Diplomas and 134 (One Hundred and Thirty Four) Bachelors programmes. The University also offers over 139 Postgraduate Programmes which include 17 (Seventeen) Postgraduate Diplomas and 135 (One Hundred and Thirty Five) Masters Degree programmes. All academic units have provision for offering Doctoral Degrees either by research only or by course work and dissertation. 

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Academic Programmes


Adult Education Centres