The University invites applications from  Occasional Students who want to study specific modules for a given period of time.


  1. Improvement on knowledge base of students
  2. To enable a student to acquire more knowledge through experiential learning in a different environment

General Requirements

  1. Studying under the scheme does not lead to any award
  2. Candidates who apply for admission under the scheme should not already be Makerere University students.
  3. Registered Occassional students shall not transfer to degree programmes or change status of registration on the basis of their performance while on the scheme
  4. The Occassional Studentship Scheme applies to both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes

Admission Requirements 

Applicants under the scheme MUST be:

  1. Students of other recognised Universities and
  2. Possess the Makerere University minimum admission requirement

Application for, and Duration of, Registration

  1. Students of other institutions should apply through the Heads of their institutions.
  2. Candidates may apply for registration at any time and could be admitted at the beginning of any semester of the academic year.
  3. All applications must be addressed to the Registrar who shall, in consultation with relevant bodies within the University, register such students.
  4. Occasional student must register for at least one course in a semester and for not more than one academic year.
  5. All applicants must complete an application form. They should specify the courses they wish to attend with the respective Deans/Directors of Faculties /Institutes/ School. The completed application form should finally be submitted to the Academic Registrar who shall, in consultation with relevant bodies within the University, register such student.

Examinations and Awards

  1. Occassional students shall not sit for University Examination.
  2. The University shall not enter into negotiations, on behalf of an occasional student, for purposes of getting agreements with another University on the crediting of the student's work covered during his registration although the University shall provide a statement of attendance/results on request.

University Rules, Fees and Residence

  1. Occasional students as well as regular students are expected to adhere to the University, and Faculty Rules and Regulations, with which they should make themselves familiar, at once, on arrival.
  2. The tuition fees, charged per semester should be paid before the student is registered.
  3. No occasional student shall be entitled to residential accommodation provided by the University and shall also not be involved in making alternative arrangements for the student.