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The Botany-Zoology Quadrangle, College of Natural Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda 28th August 2014Agriculture and Environment

The Garden Club of America (GCA) wishes to announce an offer of 27 merit-based scholarships in the areas listed below

3 hours 9 min ago
The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda (net photo)

The Public -Private Partnership, PPP, bill seeks to among other things address the fact that Uganda does not have a ‘distinct piece of legislation governing public private partnerships.’

In its provisions, the bill defines the Management, Processes, and Procurement rules of Public Private Partnerships. It further provides for an offense to any person who interferes with the work of an official of a contacting party. Such persons are on conviction liable to a fine not exceeding two hundred and fifty currency points or improvement not exceeding five years or both.

4 hours 16 min ago
Prof. Nsibambi’s book on National Integration

In an interview on the day of the book launch, the author-Professor Apolo Robin Nsibambi said: “I have written this book on national integration to share ideas and knowledge with Ugandans and the world over. When the ideas are read world over, humanity will understand and appreciate what is in Uganda.”

The author is a former Prime Minister of Uganda (1999-2011), Minister of Public Service (1996-1998) and Minister of Education and Sports (1998-1999).

7 hours 32 min ago
Dr. Allan Birabi, Stephen Kateega and Solomon Musisi at the launch

Livingstone Hall has launched a code of conduct to guide student relations in the Halls of residence. This code, the first of its kind, is written in line with the university rules and regulations. It among other things prohibits students from crossing the Hall quadrangles in towels on any occasion, playing loud music and the use of drugs.

1 day 1 hour ago
The Kampala International Design Conference 21-24 July 2015Art and Design

Makerere University and Kyambogo University in conjunction with the Network of African Designers proudly present the Kampala International Design Conference 2015 under the theme

"Design Unlimited: Indigenous Design Processes for Development"

1 day 4 hours ago
A delegation from the University of Bergen together with representatives from the Greenwood Family pose for a photo with Makerere University management and students.General

Makerere University together  with the University of Bergen (UiB), have today launched a Greenwood Research Consortium and Collaboration codenamed; “P.H Greenwood Research Consortium”, to boost fishery production and aquaculture in Uganda and East Africa.

2 days 1 hour ago


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