On-Line Application is for the Applicants who sat for the Uganda Advanced Level Certificate (UACE) only:        
    The website  address and instructions are shown below.        
    The Website is http://application.mak.ac.ug/eisweb/        
    After accessing the website, click on the Academic year 2013/2014.   It will display a form with five pages.        
    Page 1 has the “Biographical “ data        
    Here you fill in all your Biographical information and no field should be left blank.  Thereafter proceed to the next page by clicking on “next” below the page        
    Page 2 has the “Program Applications”        
    This is where you filll in all your six choices.  There is a "search" provided, to enable you search for the academic programmes you want to apply for (Make sure you choose the correct codes)        
    Page 3 has the “Subject Combinations”        
    On this page, please select the subject combinations you would wish to take for programmes like those in Education, Sciences and Humanities.        
    Page 4 has the “Uganda Advanced Certificate”        
    Select the “Center Number “of A-level School, enter your “Index No” and the “Year of Exam" of the A- Level sitting. Your A-Level results will be displayed below.  Then select the subjects under "Subject" and the corresponding grades under “Grade”        
    Page 5 has the “Uganda Certificate of Education”        
    Select the "Center Number" of O-level School, enter your "Index N" and the "Year of Exam" of the O-Level sitting. Your O-Level results will be displayed below.  Then select the subjects under  "Subject" and the corresponding grades under "Grade'.        
    The Last step is “Save Application”.  A “ten digit number” will be generated that you will fill in on the Bank Slips provided by the banks.  (Please print that slip generated for future reference)        
    Pay an application fee of Fifty Thousand shillings (50,000 UGX) for Ugandans, or US.$75 (Seventy five Dollors) for International Applicants, excluding bank charges.        
The closing date for submitting the completed Application Forms or On-Line applications will be Friday 21st June, 2013.            
Applicants are strongly warned against presenting forged or other people's academic documents to support their applications for admission.  The consequences, if discovered, are very grave indeed.   

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